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What Saloodo! does

Saloodo! is a digital freight platform within the framework of DHL, a leading expert of road freight services in Europe. Saloodo! offers you end-to-end control of shipments within a single platform. The platform connects shippers and trusted transport providers on demand, increasing efficiency for both by enabling access to a highly fragmented market through a single digital freight platform.

Why should I ship with Saloodo!?

Saloodo! offers you a continuous control and overview of your shipping process using only a single platform. You can easily book your shipments online with full transparency. If you have entered your shipment you will receive several quotes from trusted and reliable transport providers where you can choose the one which fits best to your transportation needs. We also provide you with an estimated price so that you have a general overview which quote is fair. Saloodo! GmbH, is your contract partner and contact for all your shipments and ensures that everything is carried out as agreed and that the transport providers provide the best quality.

What differentiate Saloodo! from other platforms?

Customer experience is at the core of Saloodo!. We continually develop Saloodo! according to your customer requirements using state-of-the-art technologies to support the entire transport process digitally. To round out our services, we offer you access to the network of DHL, its services and other first-class suppliers.

How can I start using Saloodo!?

Just go to www.saloodo.com and register for free. Then you can start immediately.

Do I need to download or install a software?

You do not need to install or download a software. Saloodo! is accessible as a website at all times.

How much does Saloodo! cost?

No monthly costs or subscription fees for shippers. You just pay the shipment costs that you have booked.

How can I compare quotes?

After you have entered the shipment data, all transport providers on Saloodo! will be given the opportunity to submit an offer within 90 minutes. To ensure that you do not have to wait a long time, you will receive an additional offer from DHL. You can easily compare all quotes in your personal dashboard.

How long are the quotes of the transport providers valid?

At the end of the bidding by the transport providers you have another 60 minutes to choose a quote. Otherwise, the offers will expire and you will have to release the shipment again for the bidding.

Am I obliged to choose an offer?

You are not obliged to select a quote. A binding obligation arises only if you have selected an offer and book the shipment.

How do I avoid paying too much?

There are many factors that affect prices daily, as you quickly lose track of what a fair price is for a particular shipment. We therefore offer you a estimated market price having regard to all relevant factors. This allows you to easily compare the offers of the transport companies and thus find the best price for you and your shipment.

Who is my contract partner?

Our service does not end with the booking, but we make sure that you receive the best possible service on every transport, with Saloodo! as your contractual partner. In case of service questions please contact our Customer Service.

support@saloodo.com or via our chat on www.saloodo.com

What payment methods can I use?

We offer you various payment methods - at the moment you can use credit card, Paypal, direct debit and instant transfer. We will continuously add payment methods. Saloodo! guarantees you a safe and fast payment process.

Where can I send my shipments?

Currently, you can send shipments within Germany or from Germany throughout Europe

Where can I see what happens with my shipment?

In your personal dashboard, you can manage your shipment and track where your shipment is currently located. Be notified in realtime in case of delays so you can better manage your supply chain and customer expectations.

What can I send?

Saloodo! offers you the possibility to send shipments of different sizes up to a complete truck. Our focus is on general cargo we exclude for example dangerous or perishable goods, therefore please have a look at our list in the terms and conditions.

Will the cost change after booking?

Fundamentally the cost after booking changes only in the following circumstances:

  • Significant discrepancies in the shipment details (weight, volume, number of packages, etc.)
  • Changes to pick-up or delivery locations
  • Charges for waiting times or additional services requested

How does Saloodo! ensure the quality of the transport providers?

Every transport provider on Saloodo! will be checked extensively. We take the necessary steps to ensure that the transport providers comply with the DHL Supplier Code of Conduct and that all necessary documents and licenses are available. In addition, we ensure a continuous assessment of the performance of the transport products by means of evaluations by shippers.

Can I make a rating of the services of the transport provider on Saloodo!?

After each shipment you will have the opportunity to evaluate your experiences with the selected transport provider on Saloodo!. Just give a short feedback on how satisfied you were with the services and help others to assess the quality of a transport provider.

Are my shipments insured?

Saloodo! has insured its ADSp liability, or the applicable legal liability. As a shipper you must decide whether you wish to conclude your own transport insurance beyond this limited liability. The conclusion of such a transport insurance is currently not yet possible on Saloodo!, but will also be offered in the future.

How should my shipment be packaged?

Your shipment must be packaged according to the requirements for load securing and conveying capacity. Loose parts or unsecured goods can be rejected by the driver.

Can I change or cancel an order after booking?

Subsequent changes of the data is not possible since they can have an impact on the transport price. In urgent cases please contact our Customer Service.

support@saloodo.com or via our chat on www.saloodo.com

How can I contact you with general or technical queries?

Our customer service is at your daily disposal.

Tel: +49 228 182 93382
Email: support@saloodo.com
Chat: Use our Live-Support-Chat

Who can I contact in case of damage and exceeded term of delivery?

Please contact our Customer Service with your request: support@saloodo.com or via our chat on www.saloodo.com